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There are 10 Regions in England all of which are part of England Fencing, one of the country organisations in British Fencing.

The South East Region is made up of Kent, Surrey and Sussex and their respective Fencing Unions which include the outer London boroughs that used to be part of those counties.

The Region’s primary purpose is to promote fencing at all levels within the Region.

See the constitution (on the committee page) for a full description of what the region’s aims are but in summary we exist to:
  • Run a set of competitions (Foil, Epee, Sabre, each at Senior, Intermediate and Youth categories).
  • Administer qualifier entries for the British Youth Championships.
  • Field teams to win the Cadet Winton, Senior Winton and Veterain Winton inter-region championships.
  • Develop fencing in the region, supporting administration on behalf of England Fencing or British Fencing where required.
  • When fencers or clubs renew their BFA (British Fencing Association) membership, they have an opportunity to affiliate to South East Region. Individuals may live or fence anywhere; it’s the chosen affiliation that matters.

South East Region is a non-profit making organisation, run by volunteers and has no regular funding. Funds that are raised may be made available for special projects.

Kent County Fencing Union
Kent County Fencing Union
Surrey County Fencing Union
Surrey County Fencing Union
Sussex County Fencing Union
Sussex County Fencing Union


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