SE Region Senior Foil Championships and GB Cup Qualifier 2019

This year’s competition was held at BACA on 9th February 2019. The women joined the men for the poule round and then fenced off for the medals. The final results are below and showing those qualifying to enter The GB Cup (link may change dependant on BF) in Nottingham on 22nd June 2019

Mens ResultsWomens Results
Place Surname First Name GB Cup Entry
1 HUKE  Andrew  
2 CHELL  Matthew  
3T PRINCE  Thomas Y
3T BEDFORD  Daniel Y
5 SMITH  Leo  
6 MARSHALL  Brian  
7 BETTERTON  Nigel  
8 WHELAN  Jim  
9 CAUSTON  Brian  
10 HYDE  John  
11 COWLEY  Andy  
12 GIBBONS  Scott  
13 BENFIELD  Luke  
Place Surname First Name GB Cup Entry
1 WHITAKER Rosie  
2 ELLIOTT  Lauren Y
3 BAKER Daisy Y

We would like to publish pictures of our events if you dont mind sharing them. Please contact The Publicity Officer via the Contact page.

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