SE Region Senior Épée Championships and GB Cup Qualifier 2019

This year’s competition was held at Lewis Fencing Club on 28th April 2019. The results are below showing those qualifying to enter The GB Cup in Nottingham on 22nd June 2019

Mens ResultsWomens Results
Place Surname First Name GB Cup
1 CARR David Y
2 MILLER Will  
3 BEADLE Peter Y
3 HAMDY Adham  
5 BOARDMAN Colin  
7 COUCHMAN Harry  
8 CAUSTON Brian  
9 CAPELO Manuel  
10 HERBERT Daniel  
11 MOULTON Gavin  
12 LAMBERT Alexander  
13 NAWROCK Mr, Dominik  
14 LEDWARD Gregory  
15 BUSHBY Max  
16 SMITH Jason  
17 TRAN George  
18 LAWLE Patrick  
19 WHELAN Jim  
20 ELLIOTT Steve  
21 DAVIE Morgan  
22 HAL Walter  
23 BRAUND Finley  
Place Surname First Name GB Cup
1 ONIYE Margarette Y
2 HESKETT Ingrid Y
3 ATKINS Hannah Y
3 PURCELL Sophie  
6 BOWLEY Della  
7 SPENCE Samantha  
8 BARNARD Rosemary  

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