South East take Veteran Winton title for 3rd year running!

The South East Veterans team retained the Veterans Winton Cup for the 3rd Year in succession.

10 regions competed in all 6 weapons and South East were undefeated!

The 2018 SE Region team comprised:

Womens foil: Jane Clayton, Kate O’Connell, Gillian Worman

Mens Foil: Nick Mort, Nick Fihosy, Graham Forster, Paul Lowen

Womens Epee: Nicola Broad-Bartlett, Ingrid Heskett, Marg Oniye, Mariette Mason

Mens Epee: Simon Pink, Kola Awanyale, Tim Buzwell.

Womens Sabre: Jacquie Esimaje-Heath, Grace Coulter, Joanne Yeates, Dominique Kennett.

Mens Sabre: Emmanuel Therond, Barry Coulter, Paul Baillache, Ian De Whalley.

Final results:

1st South east
2nd South west
3rd Southern
4th Yorkshire
5th North west
6th Wales
7th North Britain
8th Eastern
9th London
10th Midlands


There were some exceptional individual results for theTeam with Kate O’Connell winning the Frank Mills Trophy for the most successful womens foilist and Ingrid Heskett winning the Gillian AghajanTrophy for womens epee.

Other individual results were:

Gillian Worman 3rd – womens foil

Nick Mort 2nd – mens foil

Marg Oniye 2nd – womens epee

Nicola Broad-Bartlett 3rd– womens epee

Emmanuel Therond 2nd – mens sabre

Joanne Yeates 3rd – womens sabre

The whole team was a credit to the region with everyone putting in 100% effort for the team both on the piste and in supporting each other.
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