Veteran Winton Cup 2016 Result

The 8th Veterans Winton cup was held at the Lilleshall National Sports centre over the weekend of 24th/25thSeptember 2016, writes Jane Clayton

For the first time 10 teams were entered and this meant a very full weekend of fencing in all weapons.

The South West have dominated the event since the start and although the South East have come close, only losing by 1 hit last year, we had to pull out our very best team to stand a chance as the standard of fencing is getting higher every year.

By the end of Saturday we had already beaten 2 regions and had recorded good results against many others. We had the South West to fence on the Sunday and it came down to the 2 foil events.

We needed 6 victories and our brilliant Mens foil team did the job meaning that we had beaten the South West without needing the 5 extra victories that the Womens foil gained.

A special mention for Nicola Hull in the Womens Epee team who was undefeated all weekend.

The South East were undefeated with 9 victories over the other regions and recorded a total of 343 individual victories.

South East Team
Mens Foil:   Paul Lowen, Mike Thomas, Nick Fihosy, Corsini King
Womens Foil:  Jane Clayton, Kate O Connell, Gillian Worman, Helen Easter, Kate Morwell Neave
Mens Epee:  Will Miller, John Hyde, Simon Pink, Kola Awanyale.
Womens Epee:  Nicola Hull, Marj Onjye, Mariette Mason, Kathy Evans,
Mens Sabre:  Emmanuel Therond, Ian de Whalley, Paul Baillache, Barry Coulter,
Womens Sabre:  Jacqui Esjame-Heath, Grace Coulter, Dominique Kennett, Joanne Yeates.

Special mention to our team scorekeeper Alan Ault.

PS. If you would like to provide captions for the following pics please send via the Contact page. Thanks

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